S o m a t i c    I n s t i t u t e    f o r    W o m e n
S o m a t i c    I n s t i t u t e
   f o r    W o m e n

Sensation Is Sacred
3 part workshop series

A journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and radical change through the power of your sensuality.
When you purchase Sensation is Sacred you will receive instant access to 3 recorded workshops
1. Reclaiming Sensuality As The Pathway To Wholeness
2. Embodying Safety Through Nervous System Regulation
3. Somatic Practices To Embody Your Sensual Nature

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S o m a t i c    I n s t i t u t e   
f o r    W o m e n
S o m a t i c    I n s t i t u t e   f o r    W o m e n
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When does the program begin?
You get access to all the program material immediately when you join! It is a self-paced program and you have unlimited access to the material.

What if the material is too hard?
All materials have been created by working very closely with our community members to assure it to be as easy to comprehend as possible. In the free Facebook Community Skills That Sell you can ask all your questions. 
I'm super busy. I'm really not sure I have the time for this.
That's not really a question, but we hear you! Every single part of this program is broken down to small and simple pieces that are designed to fit into your life. We used to be super busy, too, so we get the concern. Ultimately, you have to decide if you want to make the time now so that you can OWN your time later.
I am a teacher / nurse / student / fill-in-the-blank. Will this work for me?
YES! You've been using all kinds of skills in your day job or studies without even realizing it. Organization, reliability, customer service, data entry, and scheduling are HUGE assets, so do NOT sell yourself short! If you're willing to put in the work, then YES, this program will work for you.
How much time should I expect to spend on the material each day?
It is a self-paced program and you have unlimited access to the material. None of the work in this program is busywork. Every single action you take moves you closer to working for YOURSELF. The videos are about 20min long and each skill has about 2 video lessons, which means you can discover a skill and learn a workflow right away!
Who should enroll in this course?
You should — if you want to understand and discover what you can freelance in. If you want support and help to get confident doing a skill you consider meaningful and fun - this is for you. We don't ask you to do anything that we haven't done ourselves, and we're here to support you every step of the way.